Lifetime Youth Portable Basketball System


The Lifetime basketball hoop program has a style focus for kids round the ages of 3 and upwards. This miniature basketball program preferably helps your child hone his / her basketball skills. When you have been recently thinking about a present for the fast growing kids, then this technique will surely pass as an excellent birthday or Xmas gift. Your child will certainly love it.

Basketball Backboard

The 32 inch backboard is made from blow-molded impact resistant high-density polyethylene plastic material frame having a frame pad and durable graphics. It is a little tough and long lasting plastic material which guarantees your children play. The backboard’s high-density polyethylene building can endure any poor bounces and effect from items thrown onto it. However, you ought not expect it to provide the same overall performance as an indoor cup board. Anyway, it simply serves its objective correct and there is absolutely no doubt concerning this.

Lift and pole System